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OMI - Oscar's Menu Interpreter


OMI - Oscar's Menu Interpreter

A menu interpreter for VMS, entirely written in DCL

version 2.3

Released: June 25, 2004

OMI proves everything can be done in plain DCL!

OMI is a DCL application which can be used to create menu structures and handle all I/O for all kind of interactive procedures.
Even though OMI is written completely in DCL, it is a full programming environment, with client/server support (unattended modules using mailboxes to communicate), a full-blown calculator with floating point support, string encryption and more!

OMI reads menu files (file_name.MNU), and builds a window on character cell terminals (VTxxx) in which the user can enter inputs, jump to submenus, and call OMI modules to perform predefined tasks, but using menu options and internal commands.

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RDB$Tools - A set of easy tools for Oracle RdB




A set of easy tools for Oracle RdB


RDB$Tools is a set of three tools, all written in DCL, that help you to perform common tasks on an Oracle RdB database on OpenVMS. They where written for own use and where never meant to be distributed as freeware---which explains the lack of documentation, but they can be found here since they proved to be useful at several sites.

These scripts need no installation or configuration (except RDB$FINDBLOCKER.COM, see below). Just copy them to the location where you want to install them, and execute them like you execute any other DCL script.

These tools come with no warranty, use of this software is at own risk. There is no support on these scripts and they come with no documentation. The scripts can be freely used and modified.

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