SQLTeX - A Perl script that processes SQL statements in LATEX files!

SQLTeX - A Perl script that processes SQL statements in LATEX files!



A Perl script that processes SQL statements in LATEX files!

version 1.5

Released: Nov 23, 2007


SQLTEX is a preprocessor to enable the use of SQL statements in LATEX . It is a perl script that reads an input file containing the SQL commands, and writes a LATEX file that can be processed with your LATEX package.

The SQL commands will be replaced by their values. It's possible to select a single field for substitution substitution in your LATEX document, or to be used as input in another SQL command.

All popular databases engines are supported. It has been tested in Linux, but should work on other operating systems as well.

For more information, please refer to the online documentation.

This software is subject to the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License; see http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html.

What's new

version 1.5


  • Support for multpile databases
  • Database updates are now possible
  • Multiple output documents can be created

version 1.4.1


  • This is a minor patch release fixing the only bug reported so far :-) Database results where replaced including a leading blank. That blank is now removed.
  • There's been some cleanup in the code

version 1.4



PDD documentation is included in the distribution. The HTML version of the documentation is available online.

Download SQLTEX

Two distribution sets are availble:

Support and Feedback

The documentation should provide you with all information you need to implement SQL in your own LaTeX files. For support issues that are not covered by the manual, please use the Forum.

SQLTEX comes with no warranty, use of this tool is at own risk.
SQLTEX can be freely used and distributed, as long as all files included with this distribution are distributed together. It is not allowed to make changes to SQLTEX without notifying the author.

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