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SQLTeX  v1.4

Oscar van Eijk

May 2, 2002



SQLTEX is a preprocessor to enable the use of SQL statements in LATEX. It is a perl script that reads an input file containing the SQL commands, and writes a LATEX file that can be processed with your LATEX package.

The SQL commands will be replaced by their values. It's possible to select a single field for substitution substitution in your LATEX document, or to be used as input in another SQL command.

When an SQL command returns multiple fields and or rows, the values can only be used for substitution in the document.


Known limitations


  • The current version only supports the MySQL database environment.
  • SQLTEX reads only one input file; the LATEX \include directive is ignored.
  • Currently, only 9 command- line parameters (1-9), and 10 variables (0-9) can be used in SQL statements.
  • With SQLTEX it is only possible to read from a database (no updates).
  • Replace files can hold only 1,000 items.