OFH - Oveas Form Handler

OFH - Oveas Form Handler

OFH - Oveas Form Handler

A form handler that supports file uploads, mails the form data and saves it to a file!

version 1.4

Released: Mar 6, 2003


OFH is one of the most feature rich form handlers available on the net, and still free! It is originally created because all other form handlere were capable of sending mail only. OFH also enables you to store the data in (a) file(s). Next, OFH can also process multipart/formdata forms, where files are uploaded. A message telling the file(s) was (were) stored at the server will be included in the message, and optionally, files can be attached to the email. Since v1.4 OFH also comes with a built in file browser to view the files that where stored at your server.
OFH runs on all platforms.

This software requires OPL, Oveas Perl Library, v1.4 or better (on Windows, at least OPL v1.5 is required). OPL is available from http://freeware.oveas.com/opl.

The program is, and will remain, freeware.

What's new

version 1.4


  • Implemented a simple file browser that can be used by authorized users to display uploaded files and formdata
  • Added an option to disable storing uploaded files at the server (form element save-file)
  • The mail2 element can now hold a comma- seperated list for multiple recipients
  • A new form element (save-fileID) is introduced with with a cookie can be set to remember the new filename that was generated
  • Each form can now have a maximum number of responses. When this number has been reached, OFH will display an error, redirect to another page or rorate the data file, depending on the configuration (works only when data is saved in a single file!)
  • and some -- mostly minor -- bugfixes.
There is also a bug that shows a textstring like:
On Thu, 48ar 6, 2003, 10:48, the following data...
in emails. (Note the monthname: 48ar i.s.o. Mar.) This is a bug in OPL, not OFH. It is fixed in OPL2, which is currently in beta. A public beta will be released soon.

version 1.3


  • Implemented support for Windows NT servers (requires OPL v1.5 or better).

version 1.2


  • Language support was added
  • Uploaded files can now be attached to the mail
  • Rename of files can be disabled
  • Enhanced security to protect against possible Trojan Horses when files are uploaded (please read the documentation !)
  • Autoresponder-like function
  • Allow CC: to visitors filling in the form

Language support

The file ofh_def.msg contains all displayed texts. You can create your own message files in your own language. The file ofh_def.msg contains instructions how to do this. These instructions can also be found in the documentation that comes with OFH.
If you created message files in your own language that you are willing to share with others, please mail them to Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien. . The files will be made available right here.
The following message files are currently available:


PDF Documentation in Adobe PDF format is included in the download archive.
HTML The HTML version of the documentation is available online.

Download OFH

Two distribution sets are availble:


Installation is currently a manual job; OFH comes without an installation tool.
Simply copy the file 'ofh.pl' to a location on the server where it can be executed, like your cgi-bin directory, and make sure the file is executable:
cd my-cgi-bin
mv original-location/ofh.pl .
chmod +x ofh.pl

Next, decide where the datafiles should be created. If necessary, create w new direcory, in which the user under which the http-daemon runs can write, e.g.
mkdir my-server-root/htdocs/ofh-data/

Support and Feedback

The documentation should provide you with all information you need to setup and handle your own forms. For support issues that are not covered by the manual, please use the OFH Forum.

OFH comes with no warranty, use of this tool is at own risk.
OFH can be freely used and distributed, as long as all files included with this distribution are distributed together. It is not allowed to make changes to OFH without notifying the author.

©2001-2003, Oscar van Eijk, Oveas Functionality Provider
Last modifications on this page: Mar 06, 2003.