OWP - Oveas Web Poll

OWP - Oveas Web Poll


OWP - Oveas Web Poll

A survey script that handles radiobuttons, checkbuttons, and calculates averages!

version 1.7a

Released: Sep 30, 2003
OWP v1.7a contains only one bugfix; when cookies are enabled in v1.7, nobody can vote. This has been fixed with this update.
If you installed version 1.7 and do not want to install and configure the complete version again, you can also download the patch.


OWP is based upon the survey script by BigNoseBird (see http://www.bignosebird.com).
It is created because the original script from BigNoseBird is written for radio buttons only. OWP also supports the use of checkboxes.

This software requires OPL, Oveas Perl Library, v1.4 or better (on Windows, at least OPL v1.5 is required). OPL is available from http://freeware.oveas.com/opl

The program is, and will remain, freeware for non- commercial use.

New in version 1.7


  • Bugfix in the logging
  • Added a simle built-in log-viewer
  • Support for drop-down selects, works like radio buttons (this worked in older versions already but is now documented)
  • Support for multiple select elements, works like checkboxes
  • Input fields on which averages are calculated can now be checked (minimum and/or maximum value)
  • Average values are now displayed as floating points
  • Sort averages when displaying
  • Sorting checkboxes can now be ascending or descending

New in version 1.6


  • Version 1.5 contained some minor bugs that where fixed, and a few nasty ones. These were the nasty ones:
    • Cookies didn't work
    • The percentages where not rounded properly
    • Initial counters didn't increase at the second hit.
  • Language support was added
  • Images for the colored bars are now configurable
  • Logging options added

Language support

The file owp_def.msg contains all displayed texts. You can create your own message files in your own language. The file owp_def.msg contains instructions how to do this. These instructions can also be found in the documentation that comes with OWP.
If you created message files in your own language that you are willing to share with others, please mail them to Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien. . The files will be made available right here.
The following message files are currently available:


PDF Documentation in Adobe PDF format is included in the download archive.
HTML The HTML version of the documentation is available online.

Download OWP

Two distribution sets are availble:


Installation is currently a manual job; OWP comes without an installation tool.
First of all, copy the file 'opw.pl' to a location on the server where it can be executed. E.g., go to your cgi-bin directory, create a new directory ('owp') and move OWP top this new directory.
mkdir owp
mv original-location/owp.pl owp/
Make sure OWP is executable:
cd owp
chmod +x owp.pl
Next, move all gif files to a location where they can be read by your http- server (some directory underbeath the htdocs directory):
mkdir my-server-root/htdocs/owp/
mv original-location/*.gif my-server-root/htdocs/owp/

Support and Feedback

The documentation should provide you with all information you need to get your own surveys running. For support issues that are not covered by the manual, please use the OWP Forum.

OWP comes with no warranty, use of this tool is at own isk.
OWP can be freely used and distributed, as long as all files included with this distribution are distributed together. It is not allowed to make changes to OWP.

©2000-2007, Oscar van Eijk, Oveas Functionality Provider