OSS - Oveas Support System

OSS - Oveas Support System

OSS - Oveas Support System

The complete web based support system!

version 0.1.5

Released: Feb 25, 2002


OSS is a complete support system. It offers everything you need to give full support to your customers, allowing them to follow the status of their tickets online.
OSS has a built in user management, Announcement, Known Issues and FAQ lists, and several commumication options to exchange information between support team members, and between support and your customers.
It can run as a standalone system, or completely integrated with an existing enviromnent.

Important notes for users upgrading from v0.1.3-2
  • In version v0.1.3-2, some data is stored insecure. You should remove the file oss_member_information.* from your OSS installation directory. The files are now located in your OPL configuration directory.
  • Modified functions in oss_member_information.* can be reused if you copy your changed files over your v0.1.4 files, but if you do so, you first need to copy a new function from oss_member_information.pl to your existing file; the function get_customer_username is new in this version (see documentation for more info)
  • To upgrade your database, the installation procedure creates the file oss_0.1.3-2_0.1.4.sql in your OSS installation directory. You should manually execute that file in MySQL to make the required database changes.
  • You most likely installed OPL v2.0.0-b3; you must upgrade to v2.0.0-RC1 before installing OSS v0.1.4! The installation does not check if the proper OPL version is installed, so you will not be warned!
Sorry... there's no read upgrade procedure yet.


  • An internet server(*)
  • MySQL v3.23 or better
  • Perl v5 or better
  • PHP v4 or better
  • OPL, Oveas Perl and PHP Library, v2.0.0 or better. OPL is available from http://freeware.oveas.com/opl.
(*)The current version of OSS has been tested on Unix/Apache servers only.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

What's new

version 0.1.5


  • Added a custom select method in the ticket listing
  • Added a 'time spent' field to keep track of the time support members have been working on a ticket
  • Fixes in mailing

version 0.1.4


  • Made email texts more configurable using text files
  • Added the option to upload files
  • Added external contact persons
  • Security fixes
  • Added file uploads

version 0.1.3-2


  • After being operational for a while at SilverServers, this is the first public release.

Language support

The file oss_def.msg contains all displayed texts. You can create your own message files in your own language. The file oss_def.msg contains instructions how to do this. These instructions can also be found in the documentation that comes with OSS.
If you created message files in your own language that you are willing to share with others, please mail them to Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien. . The files will be made available right here.
The following message files are currently available:


PDF Documentation in Adobe PDF format is available for download (113 kB)..
HTML The HTML version of the documentation is available online.

Download OSS

The latest version of OSS is available at ftp://ftp.oveas.com/pub/oss:
oss.v0.1.5.tgz (52 kB)

Support and Feedback

The documentation should provide you with all information you need to setup use OSS. For support issues that are not covered by the manual, please use the OSS Forum.
©2002-2004, Oscar van Eijk, Oveas Functionality Provider